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lane splitting njTaking advantage of the gap between two stalled lanes can feel like you’re breaking the rules. In this blog, we’ll discuss the laws related to lane splitting in New Jersey. If you were involved in an accident that involved lane splitting, NJ personal injury lawyer Brad Tabakin can evaluate your case for free and help you navigate every step of the claims process.

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Let’s explore the laws governing lane splitting in New Jersey:

Lane Splitting NJ Motorcycle Laws

Simply put, lane splitting or lane sharing involves traveling between two lanes of slow or stopped traffic moving in the same direction. This magic maneuver isn’t just convenient; it may also help you avoid collisions with other vehicles. Research conducted at the University of California at Berkeley discovered that riders who lane shared were far less likely to be injured on the road.

Despite this, many states still prohibit lane splitting. Fortunately, in New Jersey, the laws are a little more forgiving. Police officers can cite you for failing to keep right, but you cannot be prosecuted for lane splitting. In fact, many biking communities advocate for lane sharing as the safest way to travel in heavy congestion.

Injured in a Lane Splitting Accident? Discuss Your Case with a Seasoned Attorney

If you were involved in a crash while lane sharing, you may be entitled compensation for medical bills, lost income, vehicle repairs, and other damages you have incurred as a result of the collision. Motorcycle accident attorney Brad Tabakin is a passionate rider himself who is dedicated to helping the injured fight for the compensation they deserve. He has won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for his clients. Call 877-333-0300 today to schedule a free initial consultation.