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The road is a dangerous place for bikers. Every year, hundreds of riders are injured and killed in crashes involving distracted motorists. In this article, we discuss important motorcycle safety tips that can help you avoid an accident next time you straddle the saddle.

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1. Don’t Ride Under the Influence

There’s no better way to cap off an afternoon ride with a beer at your destination. But studies have shown that increased blood alcohol content can slow your reaction times and impair judgment. Bottom line: you’re far more likely to crash while riding under the influence than when you’re sober in the saddle. If you’re planning to drink, opt for a rideshare service or taxi instead.

2. Wear Protective Gear

Wearing a helmet could save your life, but protective gear isn’t just reserved for your head. For example, a high-quality bike jacket with protectors sowed into the fabric will cushion the blow if you crash or fall. Other layers, such as gloves, will shield your hands and prevent road rash. 

3. Check Your Tires

A blown tire can send you skidding towards an accident. Before you head out, check your tires for any bulges, cracks, or other warning signs such as worn treads or low tire pressure.

4. Don’t Ride in Bad Weather

Slippery roads are high accident zones. Not only will your bike struggle to stick to the road, but rain can also reduce visibility. However, if you do need to ride in the rain, take it slow. Sudden maneuvers can send you skidding out of control.

5. Maintain a Safe Following Distance

If you’re on the road and behind a motorist or another rider, try keep around three to four seconds of road between you and the other driver. This will give you enough time to react to any sudden movements and potentially avoid a serious accident.

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Even with these essential motorcycle safety tips in your toolbox, accidents can still happen. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, it’s time to turn to a skilled personal injury lawyer.

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