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According to recent estimates, left-turn accidents account for more than 35% of fatal motorcycle collisions on the road. But why are these path-crossing crashes so common? In this article, the contributors at Bikers Have Rights answer your questions and discuss how to avoid left turn motorcycle accidents.

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How to Avoid Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Left-turn crashes can occur for a number of reasons, but most are due to the four-wheeled motorist’s negligence. Some common reasons for these accidents can include:

  • Distracted driving. To spot smaller road users – such as bikers and cyclists – motorists need to make sure they are concentrating on the road at all times. Even a minor lapse in concentration, such as looking down to change radio stations or taking a sip of coffee, can lead to a left-turn accident.
  • Passing another vehicle. Motorists passing other cars are often too focused on the vehicle they are overtaking to notice a biker in the other lane.
  • Failure to spot the biker. Drivers are used to looking out for other cars on the road but often don’t take time to check for cyclists or bikers before turning. The result: a deadly crash.

You may be wondering, if most left-turn crashes are caused by motorists, what can you do to avoid these collisions? Here are a few safety tips:

  • Don’t speed. If you’re driving too fast, you won’t have time to change direction or hit the brakes to avoid a turning vehicle. 
  • Watch other cars carefully. Don’t assume that the other motorist can see you. For example, if a car stops at an intersection with its blinker on, only start moving when you’re certain the motorist is aware of your presence.
  • Use your horn. If you spot a motorist making a potentially dangerous manoeuvre, use your horn to warn them of your position. You should already be prepared to break and swerve out of danger.

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